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bk15 enauvodnaWe have already received more than 4,000 registrations and confirmed payments and reached the maximum number of participants for the half-marathon distance and the 11.5 km recreational run. In line with the call for registration and the decision to guarantee to the participants a safe run, we are closing the registration for participation in the BK3IM. We will accept only those registrations for these two runs which will be confirmed with payments until Monday, 15 February 2016, until midnight. We invite all latecomers to join the BK3IM as supporters or volunteers, or else register for the run next year. The registrations for the marathon distance will stay open until the number of registrations and payments specified in the call for registration is reached.

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A special international touch at the marathon

The Banka Koper 3rd Istrian Marathon has a special international touch this year. It is part of the FOOT Fit On Olive Trails running events network, which promotes four Mediterranean destinations: the Slovenian Istria, the Island of Lesvos in Greece, the Zejtun area in Malta and the Monte Pisano area in Italy. Within the accompanying program of this years’ marathon…

Sedma strokovna tekaška delavnica v okviru priprav na Banka Koper 3. Istrski maraton 2016

Inštitut za kineziološke raziskave Znanstveno-raziskovalnega središča Univerze na Primorskem, v sodelovanju z zunanjimi strokovnimi sodelavci, pred Banka Koper 3. Istrskim maratonom, v dogovoru z organizacijskim odborom, za tekače in zainteresirano javnost organizira STROKOVNE TEKAŠKE DELAVNICE, katerih namen je prispevati k uspešni pripravi in učinkovitemu nastopu na tem tekaškem dogodku. Sedma strokovna tekaška delavnica bo v PETEK, 11. 3. 2016, med 17.30…

More than 4,000 registered at the Banka Koper 3rd Istrian marathon

Dear runners, it is our pleasure to inform you, that there are more than 4,000 runners already registered to participate in the marathon. This is also the highest number of participants specified in our call for registration. However, registrations are not complete, unless they are paid and that is why we will accept additional registrations until we receive 4,000 paid…

3,000 registered runners!

Dear friends, numbers are already ahead of us. Yesterday we wrote that Banka Koper 3rd Istrian marathon has more than 2,000 registered runners, but today’s numbers show that there are already 3,000 enthusiasts who will tackle the 11.5, 21 and 42 kilometres in April. This is a truly remarkable number, which makes us - organisers extremely proud. The counting of…

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